General Meetings:  9:30 am

Presidents Meetings:  8:45 am

May 6,2015

Training Days:

April 23th 9-12, Presidents and Treasurers,  at ESC building

May 13 9-12 other positions  at Watershed Church in League City

Presidents' Day Dinner

May 7,  2015, Westbrook Int



Officers for 2015-16

President : Amanda Mark

1st VP Training : Jennifer Broddle

2nd VP Programs : Misty Harden

3rd VP Communications : Michelle Salinas

4th VP Legislation : Susan Muehe

Secretary : Lisa Heifner

Treasurer : Karen Douglass

PTA Rally Day in Austin .

On February 24th, CCISD took 19 people to Austin to lobby for issues relevant to students, parents and families in the Public School System in the State of Texas. These issues included Early Education, Health and Safety, Juvenile Justice Reform, School Accountability, School Choice (vouchers), School Finance and Student Assessment.
We were able to meet with the all of our legislators and staff to discuss these issues set forth by Texas PTA as Legislative Priorities.

Training Day

Presidents and Treasurers Training Date Changed to

April 23, 9-12pm

Location: ESC Building, Board room

All other training will be on

May 13 9-12pm

Presidents dinner is May 7th

at Westbrook Int. 6:30pm

Theme is school sprit.

bring table decorations

Tickets are $15

A vendor fair will start at 5:30pm