General Meetings:  9:30 am

Presidents Meetings:  8:30 am

March 4, 2015

May 6,2015

Training Days:

April 8th 9-12, Presidents and Treasurers

May 13 9-12 other positions  at Watershed Church in League City

Texas PTA Rally Day 

Feb 25 , 2015  (Austin TX)

Presidents' Day Dinner

May 7,  2015, Westbrook Int



The List of Officer Nominees is:

President : Amanda Mark

1st VP Training : Jennifer Broddle

2nd VP Programs : Misty Harden

3rd VP Communications : Michelle Salinas

4th VP Legislation : Susan Muehe

Secretary : Lisa Heifner

Treasurer : Laura Varley

PTA Rally Day in Austin .Wednesday February 25

The action starts at 9:30 am in the capitol Auditorium..

Meeting with Rep. Greg Bonnen at 1:30 and meeting with Rep. Dennis Paul at 2:30.

About 15 people are currently planning to attend.

Contact Jennifer Broddle for more information.

Training Day

Bylaws this Thurs. February 19, 9-12pm

Local unit bylaws need to be reviewed and sent to Texas PTA every 5 years. Texas PTA sends us a list of PTAs whose bylaws are out of date so we can help out, where needed.

Who should attend the workshop:

Probably the most efficent way to get this information to you would be through the Bylaws Committee, which you would appoint in one of your meetings. the chairmen and the other two members of the ByLaws committee could come to the workshop or just the chairmen. Presidents are welcome to come in the absence of the Bylaws Chairmen. You will need a copy of your Bylaws at the meeting.